Magazine - Summer 2021

In Fall 2011 he began his graduate studies and worked in the Center for Hydrogen Storage Research (CHSR) under the tutelage of distinguished professor, Dr. Andrew Goudy at Delaware State University. In a few years, he assisted the CHSR to obtain a United States Patent and published four peer research articles. In 2013, he became a Carl Storm Fellow at the Gordon Research Conference in Barga, Italy where he presented research on hydrogen storage materials. In 2014, he presented additional research investigations in Manchester, United Kingdom. Upon completing his doctoral degree, Dr. Hayes accepted an appointment as an educator in Philadelphia to advance his personal mission on making science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) simple through teaching. He also founded a company, Elyte Universal Network, that further enhances his life as a chemist and educator. In 2017, he was granted the U.S. patent that he worked on during his graduate studies; sat on panels regarding intellectual property; authored two books; and gave a TEDx talk entitled, The Chemistry of Community Building. In December 2018, Dr. Hayes was noted as the Top Influential Chemist of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals for his contributions in research and STEM community work. In March 2019, he served as a keynote speaker for the Innovative Applied Energy Conference held at the University of Oxford, one of the oldest English-speaking institutions in the world. Later that year (August 2019), he accepted an appointment as a tenure-track Assistant Professor at his alma mater, Lincoln University. In July 2020, he spoke at the third annual Educator Summit at Course Hero, an education content corporation valued at $1.1B in Silicon Valley.

In June 2021, Dr. Hayes released a documentary entitled, "Exploding Dreams: A STEAM Story" which highlights his journey of becoming America's youngest Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry.

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