Magazine - Summer 2021

SHIFTECH Disruptive technologies that will change the world and the teams that are leading these innovations .

A key quality for many leaders , no matter their organization or discipline , is a willingness to buck traditions and break boundaries . Few , for example embody that out - of - the - box approach better than Logan Thrasher Collins , the Chief Technology Officer ( CTO ) at Conduit . Logan , along with his Conduit team , are at the forefront of some amazing scientific breakthroughs to better understand how to combat COVID - 19 . WORDS OF WISDOM

For young scientists , my advice is to believe in yourself , to not let naysayers get in the way of your passions , and to find a qualified mentor who properly supports you . Sadly , there are a lot of toxic personalities in the world of science , people who try to tear down those who they perceive as threats .

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