Magazine - Summer 2021


In this episode, the Martins discuss when to negotiate salary and how to leverage skills & experience to increase the likelihood of a “YES”. They also discuss instances when they've negotiated salary during the job offer process and well within employment. You will find out what they’ve learned actually works. Did you know time of day and week could factor into successfully negotiating salary? They also discuss exactly WHEN you should ask for more. During Ask Engineer-ish, the segment all about answering guests’ questions, where no question is off the table, a listener wants feedback on the perception of natural hair in the workplace and who better to ask than two people with locs, Torie and Drew. Podcast Name : The Engineer - ish Episode Title : Secure the Bag ( Salary Negotiation )


Podcast Name : STELLIFY Episode Title : Re . engineering for Representation & Value Creation in STEM On this episode, we have a phenomenal guest, Shadrach Stephens. He is an award winning engineering leader, community advocate, mentor and founder of, making impact within his profession and community by creating value in every role that he has served in. His platform is a collaborative community of professionals that are bridging the developmental gap outside the STEM disciplines.

In this episode he shares with us his tenets for life: Aggressive Patience, Razor Sharp Focus and Value Creation. You definitely want to check them out in this episode.


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