Magazine - Summer 2021

In everything you have accomplished, what are you most proud of? I’m most proud of my son (Donald III). He has been through a lot of financial hardships during my academic matriculation. I had him while in undergrad and he and I have seen some turbulent times together financially. He has always remained the catalyst to keep me motivated while pursuing my education. Great things are in his future and I pray that I am blessed to see them come into fruition. What keeps you up at night? THE WORK! Pushing the agenda forward every day to ensure we are raising the next generation of Young Black Scientist. ▪

Keeping bored kids entertained isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to keep them away from streaming shows or playing video games all day. Incorporating a stimulating activity into your child’s routine is important to protect your kid’s mental health, and yours. But that’s easier said than done when you have multiple things to juggle. Working from home, house chores and creating some sense of normalcy for yourself and your family can be a balancing act.

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