Magazine - Winter 2022

REPRESEN POWERFUL PERSERVANCE BRILLIA SMCOMMUNITYGENEALOGY INSPIRE JUSTICEDEDICATIONCONTRIBUTI MINEDHISTORICALM FRICA INNOVATIVE EQUALI JUSTICE JUNETEENTHS REPRESENTA REAMLEAD THINKWR IVILRIGHTSROSA AVERYABOLITIO CTIVISM RESILIENCE PRIDE MISREPRESENTED SACRIFICE CONVERSATIONS AWARENESS JIMCROW EDERICKDOUGLASS MALCOMX LOVE BRAVERY FREEDOMOFSPEECH FEBRUARY JOY DIVERSITY CES EQUALRIGHTS OPPRESS HUMANITY SEPARATION UNITY E Dr. Peggie Ward Koon Dr. Peggie Ward Koon was born in Millen, Georgia, the youngest of 10 children. Her father was a sharecropper and her mother, who completed the local one- room high school, was a housewife. Dr. Koon began her career as the first Black female manufacturing engineer at the Inland Division of General Motors, where she worked with robotics in the manufacture of automotive foam seats. Dr. Koon has been a leader in the area of Process Automation and Technology for over 30 years. She is not only a change management leader, author and serving on several non-profit boards but she is an amazing role model and great mentor. ANGELOU HARRIET URGOOD GARVEY CULTURE TRUGGLE TRUTH HONOR SOULFUL WORTHY REOTYPE PEACE TORYVIO VIOLENCE INCLUSIVE LEGACY OBSTACLES OPPORTUNITY POVERTY OVERCOME QUEENS ADVOCATE BLACKHISTORYMONTH EMANCIPATIONPROCLAMATION CIVILRIGHTSACTOF 1964 BLACK SLAVERY MARTINLUTHERKINGJR. SEGREGATION EXCELLENCE ACTIVIS FITZGERALD JACKIEROBINSON UNDERGROUNDRAILROAD CIVILWAR CONSTITUTION REBELLION PRIDE PREJUIDICE GenTegra Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune One of America’s most inspirational daughters, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune was an educator, national civil rights pioneer & activist, champion of African-American women’s rights, advisor to Presidents of the United States and one of the most influential women of the twentieth century. Dr. Dr. Patricia Bath Mr. George Antoin Smith has been a leader in engineering since he was a student at Lindblom Technical High School in Chicago in the late 1960s. Mr. Smith went on to attend Purdue University where he and 5 freshman friends from two Chicago public schools became the first members of a new association for Black engineering students. It was launched by upperclassmen, Edward Barnett, Fred Cooper, and a PhD candidate named Arthur J. Bond. That organization grew and on April 12th of 1975, Arthur Bond and the Chicago 6 founded NSBE, the National Society of Black Engineers. George Smith Bethune was a STEM educator before the acronym was ever curated. Her philosophy for educating youth and young adults entailed using the head, heart and hands to identify strategies to critically think through problems to find ffective solutions to better serve African American communities-at-large. Elijah Mc C oy Elijah McCoy overcame challenges that African- Americans faced in his time for education and employment to become one of the first successful contributors to the field of tribology. He patented an Automatic Steam Chest Locomotive Lubrication Device in 1872 and It didn’t take long for his invention to revolutionize the railroad industry. McCoy challenged the status quo of manual lubrication, worked to patent his designs, and the result is a safer and more efficient industry that routinely utilizes automatic lubrication devices to extend equipment life and reduce wear and damage to machinery.

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