Magazine - Winter 2022

REPRESEN POWERFUL PERSERVANCE BRILLIA SMCOMMUNITYGENEALOGY INSPIRE JUSTICEDEDICATIONCONTRIBUTI MINEDHISTORICALM FRICA INNOVATIVE EQUALI JUSTICE JUNETEENTHS REPRESENTA REAMLEAD THINKWR IVILRIGHTSROSA AVERYABOLITIO CTIVISM RESILIENCE PRIDE MISREPRESENTED SACRIFICE CONVERSATIONS AWARENESS JIMCROW EDERICKDOUGLASS MALCOMX LOVE BRAVERY FREEDOMOFSPEECH FEBRUARY JOY DIVERSITY CES EQUALRIGHTS OPPRESS HUMANITY SEPARATION UNITY E John Thibodeaux John Thibodeaux is the Global Improvement Leader for the instrument discipline at Dow, Inc. John has been an unsung hero within the manufacturing industry for decades. He has produced revolutionary work to reduce equipment and process failures resulting in establishment of standard rework processes in many facilities across the world. He has used his ability to usher in diagnostic, analytical technologies that enable predictive maintenance to propel Dow maintenance to the next level. His accomplishments along with his genuine nature of caring for people from all walks of life make him an unsung hero. ANGELOU HARRIET URGOOD GARVEY CULTURE TRUGGLE TRUTH HONOR SOULFUL WORTHY REOTYPE PEACE TORYVIO VIOLENCE INCLUSIVE LEGACY OBSTACLES OPPORTUNITY POVERTY OVERCOME QUEENS ADVOCATE BLACKHISTORYMONTH EMANCIPATIONPROCLAMATION CIVILRIGHTSACTOF 1964 BLACK Gilbert was the contractor chief architect to develop and lead SLAVERY MARTINLUTHERKINGJR. SEGREGATION EXCELLENCE ACTIVIS FITZGERALD JACKIEROBINSON UNDERGROUNDRAILROAD CIVILWAR CONSTITUTION REBELLION PRIDE PREJUIDICE GenTegra Dr. Tracee Gilbert Dr. Gilbert is the owner of System Innovation, which has provided engineering services to various clients in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense and the Department of Navy Modeling and Simulation. Additionally, System Innovation is engineering next generation technologies (i.e., blockchain, Dr. Patricia Bath Mr. Bernadin is the dean of students and Director of IT at the highly-acclaimed Ron Clark Academy (RCA), an innovative middle school and educator training facility. Along with his colleagues, he has helped provide professional development to over 80k educators worldwide to learn better ways to engage students, increase academic excellence, and create a culture for success. He has spent the past 12 years serving as an expert that helps schools to create and improve their house system. For his dedication to service, he was recently named as one of the Top 100 Leaders in Education by the Global Forum for Education and Learning. Junior Bernadin artificial intelligence, and quantum computing). Dr. the concept, strategy, and implementation of digital engineering across the DoD, Military Services, Industry and Academia. She has a passion for helping people of color, women, and entrepreneurs succeed in STEM. David Blackwell Born and raised in Illinois, David Blackwell was a pioneering statistician and game theorist. In addition to the monumental work that defined his career, Blackwell also fought and broke numerous racial barriers and was the first African-American to be inducted into the National Academy of Sciences. Blackwell was known for his independent invention of dynamic programming, which is used today in finance and in various areas of science, including genome analysis. On October 3, 2014, President Obama awarded Dr. Blackwell with the National Medal of Science posthumously.

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