Magazine - Winter 2022

REPRESEN JUSTICE JUNETEENTHS REPRESENTA REAMLEAD THINKWR IVILRIGHTSROSA AVERYABOLITIO CTIVISM RESILIENCE PRIDE MISREPRESENTED SACRIFICE CONVERSATIONS AWARENESS JIMCROW EDERICKDOUGLASS MALCOMX LOVE BRAVERY FREEDOMOFSPEECH FEBRUARY JOY DIVERSITY CES EQUALRIGHTS OPPRESS HUMANITY SEPARATION UNITY E African-American inventor Otis Boykin is best known for inventing a variable resistor used in computers, radios, television sets and a variety of electronic devices such as a control unit for heart stimulators. The unit was used in the artificial heart pacemaker, a device created to produce electrical shocks to the heart to maintain a healthy heart rate. He patented more than 25 electronic devices, and his inventions greatly assisted him in overcoming the obstacles that society placed in front of him during that era of segregation. In 2014 he was inducted posthumously into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Otis Boykin SMCOMMUNITYGENEALOGY INSPIRE JUSTICEDEDICATIONCONTRIBUTI INCLUSIVE LEGACY OBSTACLES OPPORTUNITY POVERTY OVERCOME QUEENS ADVOCATE BLACKHISTORYMONTH PERSERVANCE BRILLIA FRICA INNOVATIVE EQUALI SLAVERY MARTINLUTHERKINGJR. SEGREGATION EXCELLENCE ACTIVIS GenTegra Dr. Patricia Bath Known as "Black Edison," Granville Woods was an Granville T. Woods Thomas Jennings Thomas L. Jennings was the first African-American granted a patent by the United States, but he was also a businessman, Kiley & Ty ' Lisha Summers ANGELOU HARRIET URGOOD GARVEY CULTURE TRUGGLE TRUTH HONOR SOULFUL WORTHY REOTYPE PEACE TORYVIO VIOLENCE EMANCIPATIONPROCLAMATION CIVILRIGHTSACTOF 1964 BLACK FITZGERALD JACKIEROBINSON UNDERGROUNDRAILROAD CIVILWAR CONSTITUTION REBELLION PRIDE PREJUIDICE MINEDHISTORICALM POWERFUL African-American inventor who made key contributions to the development of the telephone, streetcar and more. He was born to free African Americans, held various engineering and industrial jobs before establishing a company to develop electrical apparatus. Woods registered nearly 60 patents in his lifetime, including a telephone transmitter, a trolley wheel and the multiplex telegraph. By the time of his death, on January 30, 1910, in New York City, Woods had invented 15 devices for electric railways. received nearly 60 patents. The Summers are the creators of SpenDebt, a financial tech company helping people pay off debt one micropayment at a time. After college graduation, they found themselves in over $100k of debt. Growing up, finances wasn’t discussed in their households. No one told them that only making minimum payments would have them in debt for the rest of their lives. They decided to hire a financial advisor to help them improve their financial situation. After becoming debt free, they began sharing their story, realizing there were so many people caught in the never-ending debt spiral without a plan to get out and SpenDebt was born. an ardent abolitionist and a civil rights leader. He was a founding member of many early philanthropic rights organizations such as the Wilberforce Society, the New York African Society for Mutual Relief, the Phoenix Society, the New York Vigilance Committee and the Legal Rights Association. In 1821, the United States government granted him a patent for a process called "dry scouring" a forerunner of today’s dry-cleaning. Jennings used the wealth from patent royalties to help promote social change for equal rights.

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