Magazine - Winter 2022

REPRESEN POWERFUL PERSERVANCE BRILLIA SMCOMMUNITYGENEALOGY INSPIRE JUSTICEDEDICATIONCONTRIBUTI MINEDHISTORICALM FRICA INNOVATIVE EQUALI JUSTICE JUNETEENTHS REPRESENTA REAMLEAD THINKWR IVILRIGHTSROSA AVERYABOLITIO CTIVISM RESILIENCE PRIDE MISREPRESENTED SACRIFICE CONVERSATIONS AWARENESS JIMCROW EDERICKDOUGLASS MALCOMX LOVE BRAVERY FREEDOMOFSPEECH FEBRUARY JOY DIVERSITY CES EQUALRIGHTS OPPRESS HUMANITY SEPARATION UNITY E Dr. Noella C . West Dr. Noella C. West is an author, national speaker, sought after educator and leader in the health care industry. Known for engaging and motivating her audience, she provides a unique experience that touches the lives of men and women around the world. She has been working in the health industry for over 20 years. Currently a doctorate of nurse practitioner, she serves as Adjunct Professor at the University of Tampa School of Nursing as well as the University of South Florida College of Nursing. She has presented at international conferences and been featured in national nursing magazines. ANGELOU HARRIET URGOOD GARVEY CULTURE TRUGGLE TRUTH HONOR SOULFUL WORTHY REOTYPE PEACE TORYVIO VIOLENCE INCLUSIVE LEGACY OBSTACLES OPPORTUNITY POVERTY OVERCOME QUEENS ADVOCATE BLACKHISTORYMONTH EMANCIPATIONPROCLAMATION CIVILRIGHTSACTOF 1964 BLACK SLAVERY MARTINLUTHERKINGJR. SEGREGATION EXCELLENCE ACTIVIS FITZGERALD JACKIEROBINSON UNDERGROUNDRAILROAD CIVILWAR CONSTITUTION REBELLION PRIDE PREJUIDICE GenTegra Percy Lavon Julian Percy Lavon Julian was a twentieth-century research chemist whose work in chemical synthesis laid the groundwork for synthesizing estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone used to treat those with hormone Dr. Patricia Bath Marie Van Brittan Brown Marie Van Brittan Brown was the inventor of the home security system in 1966, along with her husband Albert Brown. In the same year they jointly applied for a patent, which was granted in 1969. Her invention has been cited in 32 other patent applications. The invention was basically the first closed-circuit television security system and is predecessor to the modern home systems today. It led to the foundation for video monitoring, remote-controlled door locks, push-button alarm triggers, instant messaging to security providers and police, as well as two-way voice communication. deficiencies. He also developed process improvements in the production of cortisone, used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and corticosteroids used to treat various illnesses. By the time of his passing in 1975, Julian had become the first African-American chemist inducted into the National Academy of Sciences and had received more than 130 chemical patents. Maryann JP C oleman Weldon Maryann is the CEO & Certified Scrum Master of Empire Org. LLC, where she has organically built a lean certified, servant leadership focused operation which organizes and orchestrates execution of several process improvement methodologies. She utilized strengths of business savvy, communications, and leadership, to obtain an Organizational Communications Management degree. Her goal is to increase the career and life skills of apprentices, while helping the community at large by bridging the tech diversity hiring gap and income divide.

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