Magazine - Winter 2022


TELL US A BOUT THE MOST IMP A CTFUL CH A LLENGE YOU ’ VE SOLVED . The most impactful challenge I believe I have solved is filling the void within the leadership ranks with regards to representation.

WH A T A DVICE DO YOU H A VE FOR PROFESSION A LS LOOKING TO RISE TO THE R A NKS OF LE A DERSHIP ? For those young engineers looking to rise to the leadership ranks, I would tell them to be true to themselves and follow the blueprint that is often available.

Develop and foster relationships to build a wide network of supporters that will assist them in navigating through the complexities that they will undoubtedly face. Don’t be afraid to take the unpopular assignment and also know when to say no. This challenge is one that has been faced by many black professionals and that has been amplified over the last couple of years. We have so often been faced with a lack of recognition and opportunity, not the lack of talent as the stories have been told. The personal impact is the realization that I AM the goal that others want to achieve. This pushes me to show up and show out every day, which is a challenge in itself, but one that I'm willing to work through for the greater purpose. WH A T KEEPS YOU UP A T NIGHT ? At the moment, what keeps me up at night is the question of whether I can truly impact long-term success of others or am I just riding a wave that will eventually die down before things go back to the way they used to be. I often wonder if we have finally "arrived" at the turning point or if it's all a facade. I wonder if my children will be able to thrive as adults in the future world that's being shaped around us. ▪

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