Magazine - Winter 2022


KEEL A N , WH A T IS ONE LESSON FROM YOUR MOM TH A T YOU WILL NEVER FORGET ? One of the most valuable moments I learned from my mom is that nothing worth having comes easy. CH A RLOTTE , BETWEEN A DEM A NDING C A REER , BEING A N ENTREPRENEUR , SUPPORTING A ND R A ISING A N OUTST A NDING YOUNG M A N , WH A T TIPS DO YOU H A VE FOR A CHIEVING B A L A NCE ? Tips I have for achieving balance would be to learn to say “no” sometimes, don't stretch yourself too thin with taking on too many responsibilities, and maintain self care. KEEL A N , CONGR A TUL A TIONS ON A LL OF YOUR A CCOMPLISHMENTS , A ND OF COURSE , MOST RECENTLY GR A DU A TING A S A MECH A NIC A L ENGINEER FROM LOUISI A N A TECH . WH A T A DVICE DO YOU H A VE FOR A SPIRING STEM M A JORS ? My advice would be to remain focused in the midst of frustration and build a community to work with. LOOKING TOW A RD THE FUTURE , WH A T IS ON THE HORIZON FOR BOTH OF YOU ? Keelan : I am confident in the near future that I will be able to gain employment so that I may utilize my knowledge and skills acquired in college. Charlotte : My plan in the future is to come up with ways to achieve multiple streams of income to create generational wealth.

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