Magazine - Winter 2022


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Aaron P. Woods

Aaron is the Founder & CEO of Podpal, the all-in-one platform for podcast management. He came up with the idea for Podpal while collaborating with his wife, Tania, on the production of her first show. As a new podcaster, she was struggling to release content regularly due to the fragmented processes & tools available today. Aaron discovered that Tania’s need for podcast management was not an isolated problem. In fact, most new podcasters give up by Episode 6 due to the administrative burden of podcasting. This inspired him to create a simple and intuitive app for podcasting that helps podcasters spend less time as an admin and more time doing what they love: telling stories, interviewing guests, and building their brand. Aaron embodies the company’s mantra of “A Podcaster’s Best Friend®,” and seeks to help millions of podcast teams plan, publish, and promote their show without all the stress and clutter. As the only black-owned podcasting startup, Aaron is also passionate about providing the education, tools, and opportunities that empower podcasters of color and amplify black voices! While Aaron has successfully transitioned into tech, he actually began his career as a Structural Design Engineer for MKA in Seattle, WA. Some notable structures he was a part of designing include Amazon’s Campus & Spheres in Seattle, Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, and Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. After a few years in building design, he joined Boeing and worked as a Quality Engineer on the 777X Program. He eventually transitioned into software through his work as a startup Founder and entrepreneur. This helped him secure senior leadership positions at big technology companies like The Home Depot and Microsoft where he currently still works full-time while building Podpal on nights & weekends. Aaron’s various experiences in STEM fields, as well as his natural gifting in the arts enable him to approach problems from a multi-disciplinary point of view. He has worked in just about every engineering discipline including structural engineering, civil engineering, aerospace, forensic engineering, manufacturing, e- commerce, quality engineering, & computer software. Aaron currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and 4 amazing children. When he’s not creating and innovating, he enjoys spending time with family, playing acoustic guitar, and advocating for children and adults on the autism spectrum.

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