Magazine - Spring 2022

ITech is a Nonprofit focused on STEM, i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. Our mission is to help fuel the next generation of techies. We specialize in technology job placement & STEM exposure for inner-city youth. We specialize in career and job placement for recent college graduates and mid-career professionals. ITech also hosts computer drives, coding, and software camps for kids ages 8-17.

STEM-Programs We have partnered with numerous gaming providers to help children and teens have a fun opportunity to learn to code while gaming. In conjugation with our E- Learning platform, we also find communities that need computers and host computer drives to help bring resources needed within inner cities. The computer drives give the communities a chance to get involved and help out with the youth. We also grant scholarships to college students in need, giving away five new computers per year to students that need them.


Job Placement Need help breaking into Technology? Find out how our FREE mentorship programs can help you land the tech job of your dreams. ITech has partnerships with some of the largest technology companies in the valley; contact us TODAY! Itech offers free job placement/mentorship for recent college graduates & early career professionals; - Career Coaching - - Interview Prep - - LI/Resume Workshops -

Passionate about STEM and Technology? We'd love to partner with you and your organization.

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ITech has partnerships with some of the top technology firms in the world. We have partnered with Google and Microsoft to help anyone in the ITech program obtain Cloud, Program, Project Manager, HR, Business, and other technical certifications. We also partner with other non- profit organizations to help bring change in the world of STEM for people of color.

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