Magazine - Spring 2022



Growing up I wanted to be either a Cartoonist or an Architect. I had several defining moments that inspired me to become an architect. The first was growing up in New Orleans I was always inspired by the architecture around the city. I remember going to the doctor's office in Uptown New Orleans with my grandparents in the summer and going back to their house drawing some of the mansions we drove by on St. Charles Avenue. Interesting thing was after my grandmother passed away in 2017 we were cleaning out her house and found some of my drawings that she kept from when I was a kid. The final defining moment was when I received my first summer internship at Hewitt-Washington & Associates in New Orleans after my 2nd year of college. I was nervous about the internship because of all the stories of how great the principle architects at the firm were. When it was time for me to go back to school in the fall I had the confidence that I could be successful in the field of architecture. One of the quotes I live my life by is by Confucius, "choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." WH A T W A S THE DEFINING MOMENT TH A T INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A N A RCHITECT ?

The most rewarding side of architecture for me is the technical skills side. I’ve never designed to be published in a design magazine. I want to make sure my designs are functional and safe first. Sometimes I walk into a building and comment “why did they do that?” or “that’s wasted space.” My goal with each of the projects I design is to never have someone make those same comments once it is complete. I want to make sure every inch of the structure is usable space for my clients. There are two things that I tell my team about designing. First, "put yourself in the space as you are drawing. If it doesn’t make since while you are drawing then it won’t make since once the project is complete”. The other thing is “if you have questions about how something is going to work or be built, then the contractor will have the same questions and more, so it is better to answer that question in a drawing.” A RCHITECTURE IS A DISCIPLINE TH A T USES BOTH TECHNIC A L SKILLS A ND CRE A TIVE A RTISTRY TO DESIGN PROJECTS TH A T A RE FUNCTION A L A ND A TTR A CTIVE . WHICH ONE IS THE MOST REW A RDING TO YOU A ND WHY ?

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