Magazine - Spring 2022


The most vital character trait I inspire to leave as a legacy to my family and community is one of self-determination, which dissolves boundaries imposed on oneself. A career as a Process Operator comes with a great salary and benefits that allows one to live a very comfortable lifestyle, however, I wanted more. I accepted a Technical Advisor position that afforded me the opportunity to interact routinely with operations, engineers, and unit leadership. After expanding my technical experience and knowledge in the Technical Advisor role, I set my sights on the next level career opportunity. This was a bold and unorthodox goal as the Unit Leader position was historically only available to candidates possessing an engineering degree. Even though I was fearful of rejection, I relentlessly pursued this opportunity because I was confident that I possessed the skills to be successful at the next level. Additionally, I had the hands-on experience of normal and abnormal events related to 24/7 operations that proved to be a valuable asset regarding business and personnel decisions as a Unit Leader. HOW A RE YOU USING YOUR EXPERIENCE TO LE A VE A LEG A CY BEHIND FOR THE NEXT GENER A TION ? My initial pursuit to become a Process Operator was solely for financial stability. However, once I began my career as a Process Operator, I became immensely intrigued with science involved in the manufacturing process. The thermal cracking furnaces, enthalpy changes within the steam driven compressors, separation of molecules in the distillation towers, and the catalytic reactions of the reactors are some examples of the facets of manufacturing and science. All of which I found extremely fascinating and piqued my interest to gain knowledge related to the intricate details of the science which is a major component of chemical manufacturing. LET'S CHOP IT UP! WH A T INSPIRED YOU TO PURSUE A C A REER IN STEM ?

Overcoming the stigma of a “glass ceiling” for Process Operators was my most difficult career challenge. However, my ambition propelled me to learn the intricate details of science and technical manufacturing while becoming a subject matter expert in the olefins manufacturing process. WH A T W A S THE MOST DIFFICULT CH A LLENGE YOU H A D TO OVERCOME IN YOUR C A REER JOURNEY ?

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