Magazine - Spring 2022



WH A T W A S THE DEFINING MOMENT TH A T INSPIRED YOU TO ST A RT A C A REER IN STEM ? When I migrated to this country from Jamaica, I had my first exposure to personal computers (PCs). I never had access to computers in Jamaica so my exposure and understanding was pretty much at level zero. I was amazed to learn that you could create codes to manipulate the system to function in the manner you wanted. The more exposure I had, the more I became addicted to understanding how to operate computers and the functionality of the system itself. This led me to pursue my undergraduate studies in electrical engineering and computer science.

The STEM field can be challenging yet rewarding at the same time. For one to be successful, you need be able to think outside the box, collaborate with others to accomplish a common goal, and analyze data to predict outcomes all while maintaining grit to see the project/task through. These are the same elements that are needed to be successful on the field. I continuously strive to ensure my players understand the necessity of the aforementioned so that they can not only enjoy the game we all love, but also apply these same elements to success in the classroom. My hope is that when they are navigating through their academic journeys, they can use elements learned in practice to help them overcome the challenges. I also incorporate knowledge from a piece I read and have always loved into the game. “Mathematics on the Soccer Field” by Katie Purdy (Maybe we can link the piece in the digital format…may need permission though) explores the math behind the best angles to shoot from when looking to score in soccer. Though I don’t go overly in depth with my players about my learnings from this piece, I certainly incorporate the math knowledge acquired as part of my coaching. WH A T A RE SOME W A YS YOU A RE USING FUND A MENT A LS FROM BOTH STEM A ND SPORTS ELEMENTS IN YOUR CO A CHING ?

I attended a high school STEM program at Gateway Institute in St. Louis. The seeds of my love for the technological field were planted in this environment. While attending Missouri S&T, I studied electrical engineering with an emphasis in computer science. This is where my knowledge and application of technology started to grow and take shape. As a mental outlet for my studies, I became involved with intramural basketball and soccer. My studies gave me the knowledge I needed to understand the field while athletics gave me inner peace at time when I needed to be centered. Additionally, my STEM foundation has taught me to always keep learning. I’ve attained a master’s degree to propel my professional career but I’ve also attained several coaching and referee licenses for US Soccer to deepen my understanding of the game and translate this to the lounger athletes. I’m currently pursuing a USSF B License as well. HOW H A S YOUR FOUND A TION IN STEM A ND A THLETICS HELPED YOU TO DEVELOP A N EFFECTIVE G A ME PL A N FOR YOUR C A REER ?

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