Magazine - Spring 2022


READ now This paper, written by Katie Purdy, takes the everyday activity of soccer and uncovers the mathematics that can be used to help optimize goal scoring. The four situations that are investigated are indirect free kicks, close up shots at the goal with curved and straight kicks, corner kicks, and shots taken from the sideline. M A THEM A TICS ON THE SOCCER FIELD To be honest, the mere fact that I am a person of color in a high-stakes profession has played more to an advantage for me than an obstacle. Because of my racial identity paired with my academic achievements, I was able to secure more financial assistance to attend a predominantly white university than my counterparts. As far as my career, my growth has not been affected by race. I have been fortunate to work for companies that that placed my knowledge and leadership abilities at the forefront of any advancement opportunities. IF YOU COULD GO B A CK A ND GIVE YOUR 18 - YE A R - OLD SELF ONE PIECE OF A DVICE , WH A T WOULD IT BE ? Take more risks. Invest in yourself now! Look for entrepreneurial opportunities early on. You do not need to wait on the perfect plan. You can plan as you go. WH A T A RE SOME OF THE OBST A CLES YOU ’ VE OVERCOME A S A PERSON OF COLOR IN STEM ?

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