Magazine - Spring 2022



WH A T W A S THE DEFINING MOMENT TH A T INSPIRED YOU TO ST A RT A C A REER IN STEM ? I've always had an affinity for math and science, but my athletic gifts are what my classmates, teachers, and community tended to focus on most. HOW H A S YOUR FOUND A TION IN STEM A ND A THLETICS HELPED YOU TO DEVELOP A N EFFECTIVE G A ME PL A N FOR YOUR C A REER ? Representation matters. The first teacher that I had that was a person of color was Mrs. Glen in the third grade. She saw something in me that none of my previous teachers recognized. She called a meeting with my parents to get them on board with her vision. Her taking the time, showing her belief in my academic abilities, and demanding excellence from me changed my academic career and led me on a path that included both academic and athletic success.

WH A T A RE SOME W A YS YOU A RE USING FUND A MENT A LS FROM BOTH STEM A ND SPORTS ELEMENTS IN YOUR CO A CHING ? It is impossible to separate STEM from coaching or athletics. Sport Science is used and studied to find ways to prevent injury and to improve techniques to enhance performance. Technology is used to share and break down film allowing coaches to concentrate on each player's growth by sending specifiic film clips directly to their phones. Also GPS technology allows for coaches and trainers to track athlete movement and helps monitor stress levels to prevent overexertion. The engineering that goes into the equipment used in training is ever changing and ever improving. More engineering has gone into the shooting machines that we use than what went into automobiles 10 years ago. Analytics (math) has replaced intuition and 'feel' in coaching both teams and individuals. It's actually revolutionized the sport of basketball causing the 3 point shot to be used at a much higher frequency than in the past.


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